sacramento loveliness...

While our time here may be winding down, I'm making sure to grab as many lovely experiences as I can while I can and two of those are absolutely Andy's Candy Apothecary and Temple Coffee. Luckily, they're right next to each other! 

A Mexican mocha and my favorite sugar licorice squares and I'm a happy girl.. 

Hopefully I'll be able to grab some more lovely experiences while we're here and share them with you all. This can be my Sacramento scrapbook.

love & cupcakes, 


happy 39th to nick!

Happy Happy Happiest of Birthdays to this amazing guy... 
He's the sun our little family revolves around and we're pretty sure he hung the stars in the sky, too. Nick - we love you so, so, SO MUCH!!! Have an amazing day and here's to your best year ever! 

love & cupcakes, 


earring organizer diy

So, I'm actually hesitant to even call this a DIY since all you're doing is putting earrings through a piece of cloth stretched across an embroidery hoop, but we'll just go with it, okay?

All you need for this earring organizer is an embroidery hoop, some fabric to cover the hoop and some earrings. Scissors and a short length of embroidery thread, yarn or string are all optional. 

First up - choose an embroidery hoop large enough to fit your collection of earrings and a fabric that is long enough and wide enough to completely over the hoop. Once the fabric has been stretched across the hoop and secured, just go to town arranging your earrings however you'd like. I chose to only display my post earrings but if you have dangly or hoop earrings, those should work, too. 

Once you have your earrings all arranged, simply add a length of string or yarn and tie into a loop to pin to the wall. Voila! You have a completed earring organizer! If you feel like trimming the excess fabric from around the edge of the back of the hoop, the best time to do that would be before arranging the earrings, but it's completely optional. 

Here's a shot of the back:

Next up is a larger version of this organizer for Nick's lapel pin collection. Super quick and simple - just the way I like it!  ❤

love & cupcakes,