well, hello there!

It's been quite a bit since we've last talked, hasn't it?? How have things been around the blogosphere since the summer? Things have been humming right along out here in the real world and we've settled in quite nicely to our super busy routine. 

Scarlett has joined Girl Scouts! She's a Brownie and I'm the co-Troop Leader, but thankfully, the Troop Leader is so on top of things that I get to pretty much hang out with the girls and just enjoy myself during the meetings. We had a leader training session last night that went for three hours! I'm so sleepy this morning from going to bed past my bedtime last night but it was pretty interesting to hear all about what Girl Scouts are doing today as opposed to how things were back when I was a Brownie so long ago. Scarlett loves it and is having such a blast! And Nick signed up to be the Cookie Manager! 

I've been working at the bank and Nick has been working in midtown and Scarlett has been working on school and Awana and sometimes even tae kwon do (when we remember to take her!) and we've all been plugging away at our day to day around here. 

I feel like I'm starting to get spring fever a bit and I'm really missing being able to stay home during the day and knock out random chores and projects. I've been trying to purge our stuff a bit and simplify, but having such a busy routine around here lately has made it pretty tough to even stay completely on top of our normal chores and stuff, let alone purging and reorganizing. But eventually I'll find the time and get some stuff done. 

Scarlett broke her finger in December when she accidentally slammed the car door on her hand and her poor finger got caught inside. She broke the tip of her finger bone and smashed her fingernail. It's healing up pretty well by now but for a while there, it was super gross. She bounced back quick, though. She was back to playing four square (against her doctor's orders, BTW) by the very next day. 

Hopefully I'll find the time (and energy) to check in here a bit more often this year. We have a bunch of stuff on the horizon so we'll see how things play out. I hope you're all having an amazing start to 2019! 

love & cupcakes,