My Birthday Wishlist

I'm staring down another birthday on Monday even though I feel like I'm still a teenager playing at being a grown up. To ease the pain of getting older [and older and older...], here's a rundown of my most wanted birthday gifts this year. Feel free to send any of them my way. 😉

This Monster High doll is crazy cute!! I totally want her for my collection. 

And while we're talking Monster High dolls, this Lady Gaga inspired one is epic! 

I really, really, REALLY want to learn how to play the piano but since we live in an apartment with seriously limited storage space, I'll totally settle for learning how to play an electric keyboard that I can store vertically when I'm not playing it. 

I would love a rose gold necklace with an "S" for Scarlett stamped on it. So sweet!

[image via Urban Decay]

I'm totally in love with the entire UD X Kristen Leanne collection but this eyeshadow palette could be my everyday go-to. 

Presents are fun and all but seriously, for my birthday this year I just want to eat sushi until I can't eat anymore and then hang out with my family and friends. That's all the gift I need. Although if someone wanted to take my car to get detailed, I wouldn't mind that one bit. 

love & cupcakes;

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