happy christmas!

The last two days have been a blur of torn wrapping paper, twinkling lights and grinning faces.  And it's been fantastic! 

Happy Happy Christmas from my family to yours! 

love & cupcakes, 


sister sister!

You spent the beginning of our years together working your hardest to make me insane each and every day and you've spent our adult years becoming one of my favorite people on the planet. We've had some serious tough times, times we've made each other completely out of our minds and we've had some of the best times I can remember where we've laughed so hard, we couldn't breathe. 

Happy Happy Birthday Alana! I hope this year is your absolute best yet and that each one just gets better and better. Cheers to you! You'll always be my fish and I'll always be your dude. 

love & cupcakes, 



Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year - full of family, fun, presents and smiles! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Watching - I just finished watching Big Little Lies the other day and I enjoyed it, even though some of it was pretty tough to watch. I'm still catching up on Supernatural and thinking about what else I should dive in to. 

Reading - I just started The Language of Thorns and I'm still reading Athena the Proud. Hopefully next week I'll be able to find some more time for reading since Nick and Scarlett will both be home. Maybe I could even sneak out to grab a coffee and read in peace. Fingers crossed! 

Eating - I made some shrimp enchiladas the other night and I really liked them! They were pretty easy to make, too and we ended up with a ton so we have leftovers for easy lunches and dinner. I'm definitely going to make them again. 

Anticipating - Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! How excited are you?? I'm super juiced. I'm pretty happy that we have zero plans for Christmas Day except for spending time together in our pajamas and relaxing. It's going to be awesome. 

Listening To - Right now, Christmas music is all over our apartment. Here is one playlist I've had on a pretty constant rotation...

Wishing - I wish it would snow on Christmas. Pretty much because I know we have nowhere to go that day, so I wouldn't be freaked out by a little dusting of snow on the ground and also because how magical would that be? So perfect! 

Working On - Right now I'm working on cleaning the apartment up and getting everything ready for Christmas morning so I don't have to worry about dusty cat prints on the furniture or un-vacuumed carpets distracting me while we're opening presents and checking out our stockings. 

Loving - I'm loving that I'm all ready for Christmas and not dashing around like a maniac at the last minute like I've had to do so many years before. Next year I'd like to be ready by Scarlett's birthday so I can spend almost all of December just relaxing and enjoying the holiday season with zero stress! We'll see how that goes next year, though. 

I hope you're having an amazing Christmas weekend and the best season ever! What are you up to? Baking holiday cookies? Wrapping like a madman? Still dashing out for last minute presents? 

love & cupcakes,


Christmas Wishlist

Dude. Christmas Eve is Sunday!!! How in the world did that happen?? It really snuck up on me this year - but I guess that's pretty true every year, right? Have you finished all of your shopping yet or are you dreading your obligatory last minute trip to the mall? I'm an online shopping person and I absolutely wouldn't mind having to wait a few days for any of these awesome things from my online wishlist - no parking lot induced rage required! 

This slow cooker is awesome - and the fact that it's covered in Pixar characters makes it even better!

I would love to light a candle in this adorable little mug. The deer is so sweet! It would be super cute with some plants in it, too.

I so want to see this series! I even signed up for Starz with my cable company and still managed to not see a single episode yet. Definitely on my wishlist!

I want to learn how to play the piano so badly and this keyboard could totally work in our apartment. I might just have to buy this for myself after the holidays if Santa doesn't deliver one to my tree by Christmas.

After baking all of those sugar cookies for Scarlett's birthday party, I completely see the appeal of using a Silpat instead of blowing through foil and cooking spray. So much easier!

This little bird shaped watering globe is adorable, right?? And anything that helps to prevent me from killing all of my plants is a major win in my book.

Coffee, books and rain - three of my favorite things, all on a pillow. Perfection!

I adore this doll! She's amazing!!!

And this doll is just out of control awesome, right??

What is on your holiday wishlist? Anything new and amazing or are you sticking with the old tried and true classics? I'm so excited for Christmas this year! Stockings are my favorite, but honestly, watching Scarlett's face as she opens her gifts is definitely a highlight for sure. Happy Christmas!

love & cupcakes, 


twinkle toes

We got to attend parent night at Scarlett's ballet class earlier this week and it was the cutest thing! All these little kids dancing around to The Nutcracker, waving wands in the air. So sweet! Scarlett forgot her ballet shoes at home for the first time ever so she had to dance barefoot but she made it work. 

I love when we get to watch her class! They are all the cutest and they work so hard - but have a ton of fun, too. 

Scarlett is hoping to audition for The Nutcracker next year. The auditions for this year were only a week after her first ballet class so she was a little too intimidated to try out this time, but she's really excited for next year. Hopefully this time next year, I'll be able to share pictures of her in a beautiful costume dancing up on a stage! 

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett style

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through this week and then it's officially Christmas break! Scarlett gets two whole weeks off of school and activities so we're planning on doing a lot of roller skating, park time and not setting any alarms for the mornings. It's going to be glorious. Here's what Scarlett has been rocking this week...

Scarlett has had quite a busy week! She got to do a sleepover at her Auntie Jessica's house and even got to see the new Star Wars movie and hang with some Stormtroopers! She had ballet class [and managed to forget her ballet shoes at home] and wore so many amazing jackets... She's been having her morning chocolate milk in one of our Starbucks traveler cups on the the way to school and it's become one of her favorite things. I think she likes pretending that she's drinking coffee, too. Stay tuned for some holiday style next week! 

love & cupcakes,