Friday, Friday - Thank goodness it's finally Friday! I need a weekend like crazy right now... Here's what I'm up to...

Watching - 30 Rock is leaving Netflix and I'm so sad!!! That show is perfect and we love it so much. We're pretty much bingeing until it's gone. 

Reading - I'm almost done with The Chemist and I just checked out Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and I'm excited to dive in. 

Eating - Why is Pocky so darn delicious?!?! So good!!! 

Anticipating - We're supposed to head up to Tahoe this afternoon for some family time. It's going to be so gloriously cold up there! I'm so ready for sweater weather!! 

Wishing - Nick is still feeling pretty gross. He has an appointment this morning so please send prayers and happy thoughts that the doctors figure out what's wrong with him so we can fix it. 

Loving - Right now I'm loving that the weekend is right around the corner. I've been so cranky and irritated lately. I think I just need some serious downtime. And for Nick to feel better, like, RIGHT NOW. I'm just super annoyed at everything lately. Blargh! 

I hope you have some awesome plans for this weekend! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 


five ways to track your health from your phone

You guys, I have a confession to make. I LOVE my phone. But you already knew that, right?? You probably love your phone, too! And today it's easier than ever to use your beloved phone to help keep an eye on your health and wellness! Here are the top five ways I use my phone to keep track of my health...

1. Apple Activity
Ever since my FitBit broke, the Apple Activity app has been giving me life! It not only tracks my steps, but I can set it to track my bike riding workouts, walks around the neighborhood, gym time and it even gives me virtual "trophies" that feed my need for rewards. I have an iWatch and it's so nice to be able to glance down at my wrist during an epic bike ride and see how far I've gone, how fast I'm riding, my heart rate - all the data that I love! And the app works even if you don't have an iWatch, so your phone will act as the tracker and pick up your steps during the day [as long as you keep your phone on you]. 

2. Smiling Mind
In the past few months I've really noticed the benefit of regular meditation sessions on my anxiety levels and overall health. Smiling Mind is a free, donation based app that guides you through easy meditation sessions. It's so soothing and they have age appropriate levels so the whole family can benefit. Plus, the Australian accent is a definite added bonus! 

3. KP.org app
Kaiser Permanente is my medical provider and I love that they have an app. It makes scheduling appointments super easy and I can even do video visits with my doctor for non-urgent issues so I don't even need to leave my apartment - a major plus when you're not feeling well. I can also make appointments for Scarlett, email both of our doctors and refill prescriptions and have them mailed to us. So convenient! 

4. Warby Parker Prescription Check
This is awesome! You can now check your eyeglass prescription WITHOUT EVEN LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!! Game-changer! All you have to do is download the Warby Parker Prescription Check app, follow the prompts and within minutes you could have your vision assessed and an updated glasses prescription in hand. So quick, so easy, so amazing! And it sure doesn't hurt that Warby Parker has some super adorable glasses available, right?? I might need a new pair since I can't seem to find my old pair since we moved... Any excuse for some online shopping will do! 


5. Monthly Info
Okay guys, this is going to get a little personal but health is about as personal as it gets, so here goes. I use Monthly Info to track my menstrual cycle each month and it's so easy and quick. I've been using it for the last ten years [!!!] and it's still my go to tracker. It keeps a running calendar of your cycle and you can even export/print it so it makes data tracking so easy. I highly recommend it. 

That's it! My top five ways to keep track of your health with your phone. So quick, so simple. What are your favorite apps to use to monitor your health? Drop a link in the comments! 

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett style

Scarlett has been really loving her new, shorter hair. She likes to brush her own hair now, instead of having me do it for her, and she's been trying to put it up herself, too. She looks so much more grown up lately... It's killing me! She's been really opinionated in her outfits lately, although that's nothing new. She's been rocking hats and cool socks, lots of hair accessories and she's rediscovered her love for her "Finland shoes" as she calls them [they're just shoes we bought for her right before our trip to Finland this summer]. 

I'm loving her different hairstyles. She's been really trying all by herself. So cute!

love & cupcakes, 


pumpkin patch madness!

We tried to hit up a local pumpkin patch Saturday evening and it was a total bust. It was almost impossible to find - even using our GPS - and when we finally located the patch, it turns out it doesn't even open until October. D'oh! We ended up checking out a park nearby instead and decided to try a different patch that came highly recommended by our friends the next day. 

You guys!!! It was so awesome!! Scarlett had a total blast and it was the best. There was a corn maze, a sunflower labyrinth, a big zipline [that Scarlett wasn't ready to try yet], big slides and play areas, a petting zoo... So much fun stuff! We spent a few hours there and had the best time.

 Scarlett wants to go back already - we'll probably have to make another trip out that way before the end of pumpkin patch season. If you find yourself in the area, you should absolutely check out Bishop's Pumpkin Farm. So fun!

love & cupcakes,