we have a first grader!

Scarlett started her first day of first grade this morning! I can't believe that she's already in the first grade - I feel like she was just a toddler yesterday! 

She hopped up out of bed this morning all excited and ready to jump into her first day. She got dressed and all ready for school without any drama [unheard of lately!] and even let me brush her hair! It was wonderful. I hope it wasn't just a first day of school fluke and we can continue on this path once she gets used to the new routine. 

Nick came with us to drop her off and I only teared up for a quick moment as he and I left the school. Progress! Wish me luck when it's time to go back and pick her up - it's a whole new area to me so I have to figure out the traffic patterns and all the dos and don'ts of driving in our new school area. 

Happy first day of school! 

love & cupcakes, 

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