keep calm and move on...

Moving sucks. It stresses me out to no end. Even though we used a moving service this time, it was still crazy and felt really rushed and hectic and I still ended up packing a ton of stuff and carrying a bunch of stuff up and down stairs and basically completely wrecking my body to the point I could barely move. So yeah, moving sucks. 

But this time, I had a secret weapon. I found meditation sessions on Aaptiv and it was amazing.

My mind cleared and I found a little time each day for myself and hit reset on the stresses of moving. It was so refreshing and such a good way to help me stay calm during the craziness of yet another move. And the absolute best part was there is a mediation session for kids, too! Scarlett (like Nick and I) tends to be a bit of a night owl and after the sun goes down, she can get pretty amped up and not at all in the mood for bedtime. So the other night, she got herself all ready for bed and we settled in for a nice calming session together. We focused on our breathing and calmed ourselves down and it was wonderful. 

I highly recommend checking this app out. I'm excited to check out the walking and running workouts as well as continuing the meditation. There is a one week free trial you can use to see how many of their awesome sessions work for you. Let me know which one you like the best! 

love & cupcakes,

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