Back to the grind! I'm hoping to jump back into the old blog now that we've settled in our new apartment a bit. There are still a few pesky boxes hanging around, but we're pretty much unpacked and almost back to normal. Here's what I'm up to...

Watching - I'm so happy Netflix added The Worst Witch as a new series. It doesn't hold a candle to the ridiculousness of the old movie from the 80s, but it's still pretty rad. 

Reading - In honor of his birthday a few days ago, I started re-reading the Harry Potter series again. Always so good...

Eating - I'm just starting to get back in the kitchen again after the chaos of the move took away all my energy [and made most of my dishes impossible to find]. I live for rice bowl nights - such an easy and yummy dinner! 

Anticipating - I'm all about the weekends lately. It's so nice to have Nick around and to explore our new neighborhood with him and Scarlett. I'm hoping for an early morning bike ride sometime this weekend!

Wishing - Right now I'm wishing these last few boxes would unpack themselves and find places for all the randomness still left lying around. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but these last few things are making me crazy. 

Working On - We still have the pictures from the master bedroom and Scarlett's room to hang and a few pieces of furniture that need to find a new home. Once those things are done, it should feel so much more settled in here. We also still need a few chairs and barstools, as well as a small table for the coffee area so we don't just always default to sitting on the couch with our morning mochas and breakfast. 

Loving - I'm loving our new apartment right now. It's a bit bigger than our last place and it just feels so much nicer. A fresh start is always inspiring. 

Stay tuned for more new apartment updates, neighborhood shenanigans and a post about how I managed to keep my head on straight during the insanity of yet another move. What have you been up to lately?

love & cupcakes,

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