Another summer week done. This one was short with the girls because of the Fourth of July holiday, but we made up for the few days off by spending our two days together going big. We had a beach day and a a day full of dress up and makeup. Stay tuned for some fun pictures of our Camp Cupcake adventures. Here's what I'm up to right now. 

Reading - I just started the Wendy Darling series. The Darling Children have just met Peter Pan so I'm interested in seeing where the story goes from here. 

Watching - I'm working my way through the last final season of Girls. It's hard to find a bit of time to watch an episode here and there without having Scarlett or any of the girls around while it's on. It's so not a kid-friendly show. 

Anticipating - Well, we're moving again! And soon. Like, officially our move is scheduled for next week (!!!) but we're hoping to push it back a few weeks so we don't have to end up couch surfing for a while until our new place is ready. Plus, Candy Girl would absolutely HATE couch surfing so fingers crossed that our move can be pushed. 

Eating - It's been too hot for me to focus on actually cooking around here. I'm excited for the upcoming move so I can settle into a new kitchen and get back to cooking real meals - especially since Nick will only be about 15 minutes away from home so he might even be able to eat with us again! Yay for family dinners! 

Working On - I'm working on seriously purging our stuff right now. We have movers coming to do the actual packing and heavy lifting, but it makes me a little crazy to move with stuff we end up just immediately donating or getting rid of. I'm hoping to prevent that as much as possible this time so I keep going through our stuff and really thinking about what we want/need/love and what we have just because it was on sale or we thought it was cute for a minute. I even went through and purged a bunch of my books and magazines, so you know I'm serious. 

Wishing - I wish we could move in to our new place sooner than the beginning of next month. Right now it feels like I'm just in a holding pattern mostly because I'm not even the one who needs to do the packing. If I could start putting things in boxes, I think it would feel more real. Waiting is hard! 

I hope you had an awesome week and have an even more awesome weekend planned! Here's to lazy summer days! 

love & cupcakes,


little mal and little harley

Scarlett has been super into Harley Quinn lately and has been asking me to put makeup on her and put her hair in pigtails. The other day, Kaiden decided to put on purple makeup so she could look more like Mal from the Disney Descendants. They looked so cute! 

As much as their playing dress up makes me insane, I love when they ask me to take pictures of them when they're loving their creations. So adorable. 

love & cupcakes,