our trip to finland - part three!

Here we go again! Scarlett, Nick and I went on a big exploring day and took the metro all over Helsinki. It was an adventure for sure! We visited the Sibelius Monument and Scarlett looked so small next to it! We found an adorable coffee shop next to a pond  - there was quite a line for it, so we passed but if we ever go back, we'll stop there for sure! So cute!

We even found an amusement park and grabbed some lunch while we walked around. We didn't go on any rides, but Scarlett found a kid's play area and a little water park and had an absolute blast! 

After the amusement park, we took the metro to the end of the line to see where it went. It ended at a neighborhood right next to the water. It was so pretty! It was the only place in Helsinki we visited where we felt any real wind. It was actually blustery right by the water! Scarlett found a rock by the water and perched up on it like a little mermaid. It was wonderful. 

After we left the water, we stopped by a little Finnish bakery and had the absolute best berry tart I've ever had! It was delicious! I want to go back just for another tart. 

We walked some more and passed a beautiful old church. And Scarlett even got a piggyback ride from Nick. Lucky girl. 

We stopped by a toy store and got Scarlett a Moomin toy and then found another playground where she spent the entire time playing the sandbox. She had such a great time at all the different parks and playgrounds around Helsinki. 

One last quick metro ride back to the hotel and we were done for the day. 

More Helsinki to come! 

love & cupcakes,

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