our trip to finland - part one

We've finally started to get back to normal around here - jet lag is no joke! But our week long trip to Finland was awesome. We were in Helsinki and stayed pretty close to the waterfront while we were there. It was our first time using our new passports and going through customs in Germany freaked me out a bit. It was a huge reminder that we were in a different country and that we were clearly outsiders. But we got our very first stamps! Woo hoo! 

Flying for over ten hours in one shot was rough - especially since my seat didn't recline AT ALL the entire time. When we landed in Germany, I was out of my mind exhausted and we still had another two and a half hours of flying before we got to Helsinki. Luckily as soon as we got on our second plane, I knocked out - even though we had about an hour delay before taking off due to a rainstorm that blew in once we all boarded. I didn't mind one bit. More rest for me! 

Once we landed in Finland and got to our hotel, we were pretty much down for the count. We grabbed a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant downstairs [which in hindsight was a terrible idea as we were all exhausted and cranky and didn't end up enjoying our meal at all] and then knocked out for the night. 

We were finally rested enough by 3pm the following afternoon (!) and ventured out of the hotel to find some coffee and sightsee a bit down at the waterfront. Besides being so over-tired, this was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. Our first real glimpses of Helsinki were amazing. Scarlett found a park to play in, we explored down by the water, Scarlett, of course, ended up IN the water for a while and we took about a million photos. It was so pretty. 

Stay tuned for part two of our trip! I have a bunch more photos to share. 

love & cupcakes,

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