our trip to finland - part four!

We couldn't let our Finland trip end without a trip to the local mall to hunt down a few souvenirs. The shopping area we hit up wasn't very large, but we had a blast checking out the shops and of course, grabbing some more gelato! 

We had to stop by the Moomin cafe so Scarlett could have a snack with her little Moomin friends while Nick and I had another cappuccino. 

There was an awesome toy store that Scarlett loved and she met a lovely fairy that drew her a picture with some magic pens that we ended up buying. 

And if we find a gelato stand, we're probably stopping for something sweet. So much yummy gelato in Helsinki! 

My favorite part of the trip was visiting Bad, Bad Boy. I thought it was hilarious and Scarlett had so much fun running through the "stream" even though it was raining. 

We ended our time in Helsinki with dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Not the best meal we've had while we were there but I think we might be a bit spoiled living in California and having amazing Mexican food anytime we want. But they tried. And their menu was beautiful! 

That ends our trip to Finland. We headed home the next morning and had a brief layover in Munich. The airport there is AMAZING! It was so pretty and wonderful. I could've spent a lot longer there - especially because I was headed to a ten hour flight after leaving there. 

Nick fit right in at the Munich airport. 

We had such an amazing trip... I definitely recommend heading to Helsinki if you ever get the chance. It's beautiful!

love & cupcakes, 

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