Happy Friday! It's almost Father's Day - do you have something amazing planned for those special guys in your life? Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm almost done with Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics. It's pretty cute so far. 

Watching - Scarlett has been obsessed with YouTube Kids lately, so it's been a lot of random kid videos and challenges. Plus she's discovered Ninjago, so that's been on nonstop lately. 

Anticipating - This weekend is Father's Day so I'm looking forward to spending some time with the important guys in my life and spoiling them a bit. 

Listening To - Since we had such a long flight to and from Helsinki, I spent most of that time listening to my favorite audiobook Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I totally recommend it - it's super good and I can read it or listen to it over and over again and I'm always noticing something new. 

Eating - Swedish Fish will eventually be my downfall. I'm sure of it. 

Working On - Right now I'm really concentrating on downsizing our stuff. I've been working on that off and on for most of this year but it's really time to buckle down and get serious. 

Wishing - I wish the weather would stop acting so "summery" - it's getting really warm and next week is looking like it's going to be blisteringly hot. I see lots of pool days in our near future! 

I hope you have something super fun planned for this weekend! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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