Mom's Day 2017

I hope all you moms out there had a super relaxing day yesterday and were pampered and doted on and got everything your heart desired - or at least didn't have too many extra dishes to wash today left over from yesterday, right??

We spent our morning at church watching Scarlett, Isabelle and Kaiden sing in the kid's choir performance. It was adorable!

After church, we headed to the grocery store to grab some stuff to make for lunch at home. Jalapeno poppers - my request! So yummy, too! And then I got to settle in on the couch with some mimosas and watch Pirates of the Caribbean with Scarlett - her choice but totally fine by me.

We ended the day with some more relaxing on the couch and the promise of a sushi dinner tonight. Dinner will probably be on the couch too - there are new Sherlock episodes to watch on Netflix so I totally want to stay in tonight!

I hope your Mother's Day weekend was awesome!

love & cupcakes,

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