Declutter Like a Mother Challenge - Week One Recap

Well, I made it to the end of the first week of the #DeclutterLikeAMother challenge and I'm exhausted. I was able to clear a ton of stuff out of my closet [no clothes yet, though], linen closet and bathroom. I have so many things in my living room ready to be cleared out of the apartment. 

I even cleared out my makeup - and I know makeup and bathroom stuff isn't supposed to be sentimental and difficult to get rid of, but for me - it totally is! I always ask for makeup and eyeshadow palettes for my birthday and Christmas so choosing any of them to get rid of is so hard. But I did it - my makeup dresser is so much lighter now and I was even able to really simplify my makeup bags. 

Honestly, it gets easier and easier to let stuff go the more I do it. Each pass ends with more bags and boxes to donate and a lighter load in the apartment.  I forgot to take before pictures but trust me, all of these spaces were so much more crowded and full before I started. I'll keep updating as the weeks go by. Wish me luck! 

love & cupcakes, 

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