Happy end of the week! This one has been full of random kitchen purging for me. I'm still working on the Declutter Like a Mother challenge and the kitchen was a bit tough for me - I recently went through everything in there so it was hard to find more to get rid of for this week. But I still did what I could and ended up cleaning out the pantry, so it wasn't a total bust. Here's what else I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm still making my way through King's Cage. I'm taking way too long, though. I need to set aside some serious time this weekend and just plow through it. 

Watching - I'm in season ten of Supernatural on Netflix so far. Only one more to go until I'm caught up to the current season on TV! 

Anticipating - Mother's Day is only two days away and my dreams of sleeping in and having breakfast in bed have been dashed because Scarlett's kid's choir is performing at church at 9am and then again at 11am. But that's okay - I'll sacrifice some sleeping time to watch her sing in her first choir performance! So cute!

Listening To - Have you heard the new album from DREAMCAR? It's the guys from No Doubt and Davey from AFI together. Pretty good stuff! 

Eating - Starbucks' Frappuccino Happy Hour has been the death of me this week... 😁

Working On - I'm still working on simplifying the apartment. I feel like as soon as I get to the "end" of the process, I'm just going to need to start over again and simplify even more. 

Happy Weekend! I hope you have something fun planned for your mom/mother figure! 

love & cupcakes, 

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