Happy Friday! And Happy Cinco De Mayo! Here's what I've been up to...

Reading - I'm reading King's Cage right now. I like it so far. Hopefully it will wrap things up nicely for the Red Queen series. 

Watching - I just started watching Supernatural again. I haven't had much time lately to really sit and watch anything on Netflix so I'm trying to squeeze in an episode here and there when I can.

Anticipating - Scarlett and I are driving a few hours up north tomorrow to visit my best friend for her son's first communion. I kind of like the drive so it'll be nice to spend some car time with Scarlett, singing along to the radio at the top of our lungs. There will probably be a ton of coffee and snack stops along the way, too. 

Listening To - I finally renewed my Spotify premium membership so we've been able to listen to all of our favorites again. Scarlett has recently discovered Elena of Avalor and is thrilled that they have the soundtrack available on Spotify. 

Eating - Oh my goodness - I made the mistake of buying a little bag of Swedish Fish the other day and I'm completely hooked on them now. So yummy! Although I bought a generic bag from the convenience store yesterday and they WERE NOT as good as the original. Generic is NOT the way to go when you want some Swedish Fish. 

Working On - I'm still doing the #DeclutterLikeAMother challenge for May. I've done the bathrooms so far and I'm planning on working on the linen closet later today. It's definitely slow going but I'm making progress. Baby steps!

Wishing - I've discovered that my "love language" is quality time/quality conversation and my love tank is super low these days. It's been a bit crazy around here lately so I'm really looking forward to carving out some time soon for Nick and I to have some serious date days/nights. Maybe an overnight trip to the beach or something... 

I hope you have some fun plans for this weekend! What's going on in your neck of the woods??

love & cupcakes, 

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