a simple year...

Earlier this year I chose a word for 2017. I chose the word "prosperity" for the year to remind me to be more mindful of our budget, spend on experiences and not things and so on...

Cut to a few months in and it would appear that the word I chose wasn't the right word at all. My word for 2017 apparently should have been "simplify."

I feel like the word "simplify" goes hand in hand with the word "abundant" - even though it doesn't seem like they go well together. If you simplify, that's the opposite of abundant, right? Except the more I spend time simplifying my home and life, the more time I find on my hands. Time to relax and think, to play with Scarlett, to recharge and to think about our future plans. Simplifying has made my life more abundant. 

In doing the #DeclutterLikeAMother challenge this month, we've cleared out so many things that were just taking up our time and energy around here and it's so much nicer to be home now. Scarlett's room is looking so much better and more fun to play in - there aren't a ton of random toys and activities just scattered all over her room. She's actually been playing in there for the last few days and she's been excited to tidy up the space when she's done for the day. It's so refreshing! It's not completely done yet - her desk and the shelves under her bed are still piled high with randomness, but it'll be done by the end of the week. 

I'm so happy that this challenge has helped me to find my word for the year. Life runs so much smoother when you're not bogged down with chores and cleaning up all day everyday. Here's to  a simple year! 

love & cupcakes,

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