Woo hoo! Happy Friday! We made it through another week. Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I just started Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and I only have a few days to finish it before I have to return it to the library. Wish me luck! 

Anticipating - I just signed up for Allie Casazza's Declutter Like a Mother 30 day challenge and I'm so excited! I've been working on simplifying and getting rid of a lot of stuff for a while now, but I feel like I've hit a bit of a plateau. Hopefully this will motivate me to really buckle down and get everything feeling so much more simple and calm. 

Listening To - I totally binged Girlboss on Netflix last week and the soundtrack is so freakig good! 

Eating - Our refrigerator is packed full of leftovers from last week so we're going to be on a leftover kick for at least the next few days! 

Wishing - This past week has been pretty busy so I'm looking forward to a pretty chill weekend. Hopefully we'll get to just hang around the apartment and relax, maybe head to the park and have some bike riding time. Fingers crossed! 

I hope your week has been awesome. What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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