helping those that need help...

Each Friday after I pick Scarlett up from school, we grab a coffee at Starbucks and usually pass a man with a sign on our way home. His sign says that he's a Veteran and hungry and we give him whatever money we have in the car. 

Last week on our drive, Scarlett sat in the backseat of the car, looking for the man with the sign and he wasn't there. I told her not to worry about it - we'd probably see him again soon. But she didn't want to just hang on to her three dollars. She wanted to use it to help those that need it. I reminded her that the Foundry was going to have an event to help raise money to benefit the free dining program and Scarlett wasn't content to donate just her three dollars. 

As soon as we got home, she raided her candy jar and made a big pile of candies to sell to raise money. She also drew some pictures and loaded it all into a bucket to bring around our apartment complex to let people know she was raising money. It was all very cute and sweet and I told her to have fun while she was out. 

Cut to a few hours later and I'm pretty worried because she's been out for longer than usual and the sun has just gone down. She comes back up to our apartment and gets a pretty stern talking to. When I'm done being worried and she's apologized for being gone so long, I remember that she went down to raise money and I asked her how it had gone, thinking she hopefully made a few dollars. She handed me her little bag and when I looked inside, I was surprised to see how heavy it was and shocked to see how many dollars were crumpled inside. We counted the money and it was over $20! And most of the candy she had brought down to "sell" was still in the bucket - people just gave to her freely when she told them that she wanted to raise money to help others. 

I was so proud of her efforts and she was beaming with happiness at the prospect of using this money to help others that needed it. And the fact that she raised the money all on her own was wonderful. Her heart makes me happy and inspires me to no end. 

When she gave her donation to the Foundry on Sunday morning, the pastor asked her to come up to the front and had me share her donation story. She got a round of applause and even a jar of flowers to take home as a thank you for her efforts. She was a little overwhelmed with the attention and applause - I think she was already just happy to have donated and didn't understand why people seemed to be making a big deal out of it. And that makes me prouder than anything - she didn't do it for the praise and the spotlight. She did it just because it was what people needed and she wanted to help. I hope it sparked in her a lifelong love of helping others. 

love & cupcakes,

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