a day for nick!

We celebrated this guy's birthday last weekend with some beer, some brownies and a big new scooter! Nick has to park pretty far away from the train station each day for work and has quite the trek to get to and from the station. I showed my mom where he parks and how far he has to walk and she was furious. She didn't want her son in law walking that far after work in the dark and rain so she decided to get him an adult sized scooter so he can cut his walking time in half! It's the cutest thing to see him zipping along on his scooter [that he named "Ride-ly"] and even cuter when Scarlett is out there riding along with him. 

After we had family time at the brewery, we spent the next day at the mall so Nick could spend his birthday gift cards. He ended up getting two Pokemon card decks so he and Scarlett could pay together. We hung out at Dave and Buster's for a while, too, and Scarlett and Nick are the best team on video games. 

We grabbed a late lunch together after and then head home to relax. I think it was an awesome way to spend a weekend and I'm glad we got to celebrate Nick. 

love & cupcakes,

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