post-birthday recap!

That's it - my last year of being in my mid-thirties has officially begun. And yes, I'm still considering 37 as mid-thirties. I spent my birthday weekend hanging out with my besties in Oregon and it was awesome. We just hung out and did nothing - and for three moms, that was glorious. Plus it was super pretty in Ashland where we stayed. I took about a million pictures - mostly of the landscape. So gorgeous! 


Downtown Ashland

A protest showed up behind us while we wandered around downtown - it was awesome!

Free coffee on my birthday is always welcome. 

I had such a great time. This weekend, Nick and I are going to get our friends and family together to hang out at a local brewery to celebrate our birthdays [we were born a week apart] so more birthday shenanigans to come! 

love & cupcakes,


monday monday...

Yesterday was a holiday, so we relaxed and I didn't jump up and tackle the piles of chores that had piled up during the weekend and I sure paid for that today! My Tuesday is feeling a whole lot like a Monday. I've already done a ton of dishes, did some laundry, dusted and polished the furniture, vacuumed the apartment, cleaned off the balcony, fed the cat and got lunch started. 

I should probably go take a shower now, right?? 

Happy [day after] Monday! 

love & cupcakes, 



It's finally Friday! There's a storm gearing up outside - tons of clouds, wicked wind and some serious rain waiting to fall - and I love it. I can't wait to pick Scarlett up from school and then stay home for as long as possible. We're going to make brownies, do some crafts and Scarlett has been asking me to teach her how to embroider so we're going to give it a shot. Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm reading Once Upon a Dream right now and so far it's pretty interesting. I'm having a bit of a tough time focusing on it, so hopefully I can carve out some time this weekend to get lost reading it. 

Watching - I'm sill bingeing on Supernatural. I'm a few episodes into the sixth season and I'm still super into it. 

Anticipating - Scarlett's school is out for a winter break all next week and I'm super excited to spend some quality time with her during the day. Hopefully we can work together to clear her room out a bit and get it back to being a "cool girl's room" with some room to actually play. 

Listening To - I've been listening to The Purposeful Home podcast lately and I love it! I wish there were more episodes - I could listen to a new one each day. It's been so uplifting and inspiring to listen to. If you don't already subscribe, you should definitely check it out. 

Working On - I need to start carving out more time to blog on the regular. I'm always finding myself taking a bunch of time off from the blog and then doing a blitz all at once and just posting randomness for a while... I want to be more purposeful about it so I'm going to try to find some time regularly to focus. 

Wishing - I'm heading out for a girl's road trip next weekend for my birthday and I'm super excited about it. It would be awesome to get to see my besties more often so doing a five hour drive to spend time with them is totally worth it. I wish we could do it more often! 

I hope your week has been awesome! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes,


Happy Birthday Dad!

I want to wish a super big, super special, extra awesome happy birthday to my dad! I hope your day is relaxing and wonderful and I can't wait to celebrate you this weekend! I love you! 

love & cupcakes,

one is enough...

I am a stay at home mom and I “only” have one kid. I say “only” because it feels like when you tell someone that you’re a stay at home mom, the automatic assumption is that you have a few kids. Like one isn’t enough to validate the choice to be a stay at home parent. All the podcasts I listen to about raising kids at home and all the blogs I read about parents who stay home all have multiple children to take care of and it feels like being a parent to only one child isn’t considered “enough.” I feel like I’m not allowed to be as tired as I sometimes am because I “only have one to worry about” as if my six year old doesn’t sometimes feel like an entire tribe all in herself. Like I’m not supposed to get overwhelmed or frustrated because “it’s not like you have to split your time between multiple kids.” Giving all of my attention to only one kid can and does get overwhelming - there’s no downtime. It’s not like I can send her to the other room to play with her siblings. It’s just me and her most of the time. 

And that’s an awesome thing. I can devote myself to her and really focus on her when we play or talk to just spend time together. She’s has an amazing little imagination and can entertain herself with her toys for hours if she’s so inclined. We’re past the point of diapers and bottles and constant supervision so I can let her play by herself without (too much) fear of the trouble she could be getting into by me not being right next to her. She goes to Kindergarten and comes home filled with stories about her day and the other kids and her teachers and how awesome school can be. And I love that I’m available to her for field trips and after school activities and help with homework and projects. But when asked by other parents about what I do for living, I inwardly cringe when telling them I’m at SAHM because I’m almost always immediately asked how many other kids I have. When I answer that Scarlett is enough, the next question is invariably, “So when are you going back to work?” Because once your kids are all in school, you’re no longer needed at home, right? And if you only have one child, then as soon as they start school, you’re supposed to clock out of being a SAHM and get right back into the workforce. 

I don’t buy it. 

There is still work to be done at home. Chores to be done, food to be cooked, laundry to be folded. Granted I may not have to do as many loads of laundry or dishes as someone who has a bunch of children, but that doesn’t mean my work is any less important or necessary. 

Having a bunch of kids is awesome for those parents that choose that. But having just one is completely valid, too. It still takes a toll on you - both mentally and physically. I shouldn’t have to feel less than for answering that Scarlett is an only child and we’re not planning on having any more. 

One is enough. 

She is enough. 

I am enough. 

Motherhood is not a contest and it sucks that it so often feels like it is. Whether you have one kid or an entire brood, it is enough. 

love & cupcakes, 


happy hearts day!

I hope you did something lovely today to celebrate my favorite day of the year! ❤

love & cupcakes, 



Hi there! I'm trying out the new Bloglovin' blog posting beta so we'll see how this goes! I'm posting on Blogger as well, just in case. This week has been pretty normal - lots of school runs, reading, cleaning up. The usual. I've ben trying to stay motivated in keeping the house clean but it's been a bit rough. Hopefully this next week will be more productive. Here's what I've been up to lately...
Reading - I'm a little over halfway through The Handmaid's Tale and I'm liking it so far. It's a bit of a tough read - the subject matter isn't the most uplifting - but it's still a good book. I have a stack of library books to get through in the next few weeks, so it looks like I'm going to have to carve out some serious reading time.
Watching - I'm still bingeing on Supernatural. I'm in season five now and things are getting crazy!
Anticipating - I'm having an embroidery get-together next weekend for Sublime Stitching's National Teach Embroidery Month and I'm super excited! We're going to learn a few basic stitches, decorate some tea towels and enjoy a crafty afternoon... Stay tuned for a post dedicated to craftiness!
Listening To - The girls are still completely obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack - not that I mind at all. Scarlett is in love with all things Lin-Manuel Miranda. She has a major crush on him.
Eating - I just got some cauliflower in our bi-weekly farm box so I'm going to attempt to make some cauliflower pizza for dinner tonight. We'll see how it goes!
Working On - I've been following a minimalist mom group on Facebook and while I'm in no way ready to pare down to only a few things in the apartment, it has been motivating me to clear out the clutter a bit more. Scarlett and I went through her clothes the other day and literally half of them didn't even fit her anymore. her drawers and closet are so much nicer now that they've been purged. My closet is next!
Wishing - It would be so nice to be able to have a part-time job that would help us out a bit more financially. It's rough being a one income household, but it's probably harder to find a job that would accommodate my insane schedule. Someday...
What have you been up to this week? Anything amazing and new going on?
love & cupcakes,


Wednesday night after dinner, the girls were in need of some indoor fun, so we decided to make a batch of oobleck for them to play with! Oobleck is an awesome non-Newtonian substance that I remember making when I was in the fourth grade and it was just as amazing and fun now as I remember it being then. All you need is cornstarch and water to make your own. Just combine equal parts cornstarch and water until you get a smooth consistency. You might need to add more cornstarch to get it right and keep some extra water on hand for adding later. We found that we played with the oobleck so long, we needed to add more water to replace the water that evaporated!

When it was time for the girls to go home, we put the rest of the oobleck into a plastic bag and sent it with them. I'm sure we'll be making lots more in the future! 

love & cupcakes,