Five Ways I'm a "Bad Mom"

Being a mom is a tough full time job with absolutely no sick days or vacation time. But we're still expected to be the best possible version of every TV mom that ever baked endless amounts of cookies and kept a beautifully clean house. 

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So I don't shy away from the fact that I don't always keep my household running Pinterest Perfect - by a long shot. In fact, here are five ways that some could call me a "bad mom" and I embrace every single one of them.

1. I don't always play with my daughter. 
I don't spend my days playing with Scarlett. Don't get me wrong - that doesn't mean that I never play with her. We have fun playing restaurant and school and with her dolls, but generally, she's on her own for playtime. And that forces her to use her imagination. She comes up with the most interesting and creative storylines for her solo playtime. And often she opts to go outside and find other kids to play with, too. It's a win/win for everyone. 

2. I don't pack her lunch for school.
Each night before the bedtime routine, Scarlett is supposed to check the school lunch menu for the next day to see if she'd like to get a hot lunch or bring a cold lunch. If she doesn't like what they're serving at school the next day, she needs to pack a cold lunch before going to sleep. Notice that I said "supposed to" - it doesn't always happen. And if she forgets to check the menu and it turns out that she doesn't like the school lunch planned, but she didn't pack one for herself - oh well. She's only had to forget to pack a lunch a few times before it's become pretty routine to check the menu and plan ahead. The consequences of having to eat a lunch she doesn't enjoy taught her well. 

3. We don't spend our days with kid's shows on the TV.
I can handle a bit of Disney or Nickelodeon. There are even a few shows that I really enjoy watching with Scarlett, like Gravity Falls or The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show. But Scarlett also likes a bunch of random kid shows that are like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can only handle a couple episodes of kid shows a day, so once I hit my limit, it's grown up TV time. Scarlett goes outside to play or she plays in her room and I'm able to have a bit of adult time without going completely nuts from kid TV.

4. I let her fall down.
It feels like almost every day Scarlett comes crying about having hurt herself. She's either fallen down or gotten a cut or scrape. The other day she learned firsthand why she's not allowed to touch my razor in the shower and she sliced open her thumb. And I don't jump up and come running to save the day. Unless there is blood streaming down, Scarlett is usually on her own to get herself cleaned up and feeling better. And she's pretty good at it. She knows that if she can't make herself feel better, then she'll need to be done playing and take a rest - and she generally doesn't like to stop playing unless she has to. She's gotten pretty good at taking care of her cuts and scrapes and not having to be soothed too much at all.

5. I let her get cold. 
We don't let a little cold rainy weather get the best of us. If it's raining, Scarlett is still allowed to go outside and play. Sometimes she comes home soaking wet and cold, but it's nothing a warm bath can't take care of. We don't believe in staying inside when the weather is bad. She's even gone swimming at the beach on the second day of January. And it was wonderful.

I think being imperfect can be perfect. Do you know any other fellow "bad moms?" Send them my way so we can compare notes!

love & cupcakes, 

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