Here we are at the very first "Currently" post of 2017! I know, I know... We're nearly three weeks into the new year already and I'm just now getting around to posting a Currently update. Whatever. I'm terrible at consistently blogging! We all knew that already! So, without any further ado - here's what I'm up to right now. Enjoy! 

Reading - I'm almost finished with Glass Sword and I'm about to start The Hamilton Affair. I haven't been making time to read very much lately, but I'd like to do better. We'll see how it goes. 

Watching - Supernatural - all morning, most days. I'm in season four right now and it's still entertaining and completely goofy. 

Anticipating - Right now I'm anticipating a chill, relaxing weekend around here. It's supposed to be wet and rainy and I want to just snuggle up and enjoy the weather from the comfort of my couch. 

Listening To - Scarlett has discovered the Trolls soundtrack and it has been on a constant rotation lately. Especially "Hair Up" - that's her favorite right now. 

Eating - I've rediscovered saltine crackers and they are glorious. Just plain, no topping needed. 

Working On - I'm still working on purging around here a bit. Scarlett needs another sweep of her clothes since her closet is bursting and full of stuff that doesn't fit properly anymore. I've even gotten to the point where I've put a few of my books into the donate pile - that's a huge step!

Wishing - Right now I'm wishing for motivation. I've just wanted to snuggle up on the couch lately, but I also really want to get back down to the gym and get outside more often. I'm going to work on that next week so in the next installment of Currently, hopefully I'll have a good update. 

What are you up to right now? Anything new and amazing going on in your world?

love & cupcakes, 

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