cool riders...

My mom and I took the girls out for a bike ride last weekend. It's definitely something that we're going to have to do more often. The girls had a blast and are really getting the hang of riding their bikes!

I told the girls that once school is out for the summer, we need to just keep their bikes at my apartment so they can ride all day during the week. They're going to be bike experts by the end of the year! 

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scarlett style!

Welcome to the first Scarlett Style of 2017! 

She's already made some pretty strong style choices this year and I can't wait to see what looks she puts together!

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Here we are at the very first "Currently" post of 2017! I know, I know... We're nearly three weeks into the new year already and I'm just now getting around to posting a Currently update. Whatever. I'm terrible at consistently blogging! We all knew that already! So, without any further ado - here's what I'm up to right now. Enjoy! 

Reading - I'm almost finished with Glass Sword and I'm about to start The Hamilton Affair. I haven't been making time to read very much lately, but I'd like to do better. We'll see how it goes. 

Watching - Supernatural - all morning, most days. I'm in season four right now and it's still entertaining and completely goofy. 

Anticipating - Right now I'm anticipating a chill, relaxing weekend around here. It's supposed to be wet and rainy and I want to just snuggle up and enjoy the weather from the comfort of my couch. 

Listening To - Scarlett has discovered the Trolls soundtrack and it has been on a constant rotation lately. Especially "Hair Up" - that's her favorite right now. 

Eating - I've rediscovered saltine crackers and they are glorious. Just plain, no topping needed. 

Working On - I'm still working on purging around here a bit. Scarlett needs another sweep of her clothes since her closet is bursting and full of stuff that doesn't fit properly anymore. I've even gotten to the point where I've put a few of my books into the donate pile - that's a huge step!

Wishing - Right now I'm wishing for motivation. I've just wanted to snuggle up on the couch lately, but I also really want to get back down to the gym and get outside more often. I'm going to work on that next week so in the next installment of Currently, hopefully I'll have a good update. 

What are you up to right now? Anything new and amazing going on in your world?

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Five Ways I'm a "Bad Mom"

Being a mom is a tough full time job with absolutely no sick days or vacation time. But we're still expected to be the best possible version of every TV mom that ever baked endless amounts of cookies and kept a beautifully clean house. 

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So I don't shy away from the fact that I don't always keep my household running Pinterest Perfect - by a long shot. In fact, here are five ways that some could call me a "bad mom" and I embrace every single one of them.

1. I don't always play with my daughter. 
I don't spend my days playing with Scarlett. Don't get me wrong - that doesn't mean that I never play with her. We have fun playing restaurant and school and with her dolls, but generally, she's on her own for playtime. And that forces her to use her imagination. She comes up with the most interesting and creative storylines for her solo playtime. And often she opts to go outside and find other kids to play with, too. It's a win/win for everyone. 

2. I don't pack her lunch for school.
Each night before the bedtime routine, Scarlett is supposed to check the school lunch menu for the next day to see if she'd like to get a hot lunch or bring a cold lunch. If she doesn't like what they're serving at school the next day, she needs to pack a cold lunch before going to sleep. Notice that I said "supposed to" - it doesn't always happen. And if she forgets to check the menu and it turns out that she doesn't like the school lunch planned, but she didn't pack one for herself - oh well. She's only had to forget to pack a lunch a few times before it's become pretty routine to check the menu and plan ahead. The consequences of having to eat a lunch she doesn't enjoy taught her well. 

3. We don't spend our days with kid's shows on the TV.
I can handle a bit of Disney or Nickelodeon. There are even a few shows that I really enjoy watching with Scarlett, like Gravity Falls or The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show. But Scarlett also likes a bunch of random kid shows that are like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can only handle a couple episodes of kid shows a day, so once I hit my limit, it's grown up TV time. Scarlett goes outside to play or she plays in her room and I'm able to have a bit of adult time without going completely nuts from kid TV.

4. I let her fall down.
It feels like almost every day Scarlett comes crying about having hurt herself. She's either fallen down or gotten a cut or scrape. The other day she learned firsthand why she's not allowed to touch my razor in the shower and she sliced open her thumb. And I don't jump up and come running to save the day. Unless there is blood streaming down, Scarlett is usually on her own to get herself cleaned up and feeling better. And she's pretty good at it. She knows that if she can't make herself feel better, then she'll need to be done playing and take a rest - and she generally doesn't like to stop playing unless she has to. She's gotten pretty good at taking care of her cuts and scrapes and not having to be soothed too much at all.

5. I let her get cold. 
We don't let a little cold rainy weather get the best of us. If it's raining, Scarlett is still allowed to go outside and play. Sometimes she comes home soaking wet and cold, but it's nothing a warm bath can't take care of. We don't believe in staying inside when the weather is bad. She's even gone swimming at the beach on the second day of January. And it was wonderful.

I think being imperfect can be perfect. Do you know any other fellow "bad moms?" Send them my way so we can compare notes!

love & cupcakes, 


hello 2017!

We spent our New Year's Day on the couch, watching movies and relaxing. I never even got dressed. It was wonderful. And we decided to brave the rain yesterday to visit the beach - my favorite way to greet the new year. Scarlett disregarded the fact that it was only 47 degrees and jumped right into the water. My little viking! 

2017 is going to be great! 

love & cupcakes,


goals for a new year

It's time again for my yearly "goals" post! To recap, here is my list for 2016...

* Read 20 books
* Walk 2,016 miles
Seriously get better sleep
* Date night, date night, DATE NIGHT!!
* Try new recipes
* Move every day
* Be smarter with my money
* Keep purging and simplifying our home
* Send more birthday cards!

So, 20 books read? Check! I actually ended up reading 48 books! Woo hoo! 

Walk 2,016 miles? Well, not quite. My FitBit decided to stop working a while back and I only logged 1,300.13 miles before it stopped working. This year I'll definitely do more than that. I think a 2,017 mile goal is doable. 

Better sleep you ask?? Why, yes! I did it! I made going to bed earlier a priority [like when Scarlett goes to sleep at 8pm, I'm usually in bed, too.] And I used chewable melatonin from Trader Joe's when I had a tough time turning my mind off at the end of the day. No shame - just an awesome night's sleep. 

Oh, date nights. We didn't get as many as we wanted this year, but it's something we're working on. Hopefully more will be on the horizon! 

Trying new recipes. so, I pretty much botched that one. Nick's work schedule has been all over the place this past year so family dinners were a sacrifice. We relied a lot on easy, quick dinners that could be reheated as needed. Plus, I'm not the biggest fan of my kitchen in the apartment so making meals isn't the funnest part of my day by far. I'll work on it for 2017 but I honestly don't see a big change on the horizon. 

I sure moved everyday, though! With Scarlett starting school last year, I made it a point to park at least a quarter mile from the school so I got around a mile of walking done every day just taking her to and picking her up from school. For 2017, I'm hoping to spend more mornings walking to school instead of driving. 

Money, money, money. One of the reasons 2016 seemed to suck so much. There always seems to be more month than money, right? But not in 2017. This new year is going to be a prosperous one! Nick's career is going to skyrocket and with it, a better lifestyle. I'm looking forward to saving up for a while and hopefully buying a forever home soon. I need a place to call my own and a little garden to grow. 

We purged and purged this year. We got rid of so many things and somehow, we're still drowning in possessions. Honestly, Scarlett's room is the WORST. So many little toys and things and she's on a serious paper kick right now. There are papers EVERYWHERE! That's going to be the challenge for next year - purge the papers and keep Scarlett's room clean regularly. 

Birthday cards! So, having a Happy Mail subscription made it really easy to always have a birthday card on hand so that was awesome, but I was pretty bad at actually sending out cards for people's birthdays. I'm going to try harder this year. 

Goals for 2017! Here we go! 

For 2017, I'm keeping it pretty simple. Spend more time on myself, reading, walking, riding. I want to be more organized and simplified and I'd love the be able to start up our savings again. 

2017 is going to be the best year yet. I know it! 

love & cupcakes,