girls day at the movies!

Scarlett is off of school for the next two weeks and we kicked off her winter vacation by having a movie day for just us two girls. We finally got to see Moana and it was fantastic! I laughed and cried and loved it so much! Scarlett even spent the entire time the credits were rolling dancing in the aisle. I definitely recommend seeing it. 

We had been listening to the soundtrack a little bit before we saw the movie and Scarlett was so excited to recognize a couple of her favorite voices from the Hamilton soundtrack as voices on Moana, too! We were listening to We Know The Way and Scarlett perked up and said, "Is this Alexander Hamilton?!?" She totally recognized Lin-Manuel Miranda's voice! 

After the movie, Scarlett went for a pretend ride on one of the motorcycle video games in the lobby. She even hung her new Tsum Tsum purse off the back of it while she rode. She's the coolest. 

More winter break fun to come! 

love & cupcakes,

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