halloweekend fun!

The weekend before Halloween this year was full of fun. On Friday night, Scarlett's school had a Halloween dance and it was the cutest thing! All the kids dressed up and danced like little maniacs in the multipurpose room while a DJ played music, threw glow bracelets to the crowd and pumped out so much fog from the fog machine that the fire alarm went off. You know a school dance is awesome when the fire alarm goes off - especially within the first half hour! There was a gorgeous double rainbow in the sky right as the dance started and Nick even made it in time to enjoy the dance, too! 

On Saturday I was feeling super under the weather so Nick and Scarlett gave me the day off and let me stay home to rest while they did gymnastics, hung out at the mall and visited with family. When they got home that afternoon, Nick gave me the best anniversary card ever and a black diamond necklace! I full on ugly cried. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

Sunday was a kick back day and ended with pumpkin carving and a huge pizza for dinner. Scarlett designed the pumpkins and Nick carved them. As much as I love Halloween, Nick knows how much I hate getting my hands all yucky and covered in pumpkin guts so he did the dirty work for me. Now we have a front porch full of jack o'lanterns and a cookie sheet full of pumpkin seeds that are ready for roasting. 

All in all, a super great Halloweekend...

love & cupcakes,

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