Happy Friday! This week has been insane... I feel like I've been running on empty for days now. I need a vacation!! Luckily, Nick and I are headed to a much needed concert tonight, followed by another crazy weekend. But it'll be awesome. Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm about halfway through The Red Queen and I'm really enjoying it so far. And I just started reading the Harry Potter series to Scarlett at bedtime. Nick used to read the books to me while I was pregnant with Scarlett, so it's sweet to read them to her now. 

Watching - My mom recommended American Housewife to me and I'm actually watching it right now. So far, so good! And I'm bingeing on How I Met Your Mother lately... We started watching it years ago and never got past season two, so I'm giving it another shot. It's awesome to have on during the day while I'm getting the housework done. 

Anticipating - Isabelle's birthday party is tomorrow! It's a Halloween party so we'll have to get our costumes ready. Scarlett is going to be Frankie Stein from Monster High, I'm going to be a witch and Nick is going to be a Trader Joe's employee. 

Listening To - We're going to see an Alestorm show tonight, so I'm spending the day listening to their songs to get psyched up for tonight! 

Working On - This week has been a bit crazy with scheduling and events and stuff going on so I'm working on getting myself better organized. I have a paper planner that I hardly ever use, but I think I'm going to dust it off and put it in the kitchen so I can see it and update it every day. Hopefully that'll work. 

Wishing - I'm wishing for a break. Like, one night away, preferably by the ocean and I think I'll be recharged. Now if I could only find the time... 

I hope you have some fun stuff planned for this weekend! Anything amazing going on?

love & cupcakes, 

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