a halloween parade...

Scarlett had her very first school Halloween parade earlier today and it was the cutest thing! The entire school lined up in a big square in the middle of the schoolyard and all the kids sat around the perimeter. Then, they started playing the Ghostbusters theme song [all the office staff dressed up as the Ghostbusters] and the littlest kids got up and walked around the inside of the square to show their costumes off. As they walked, more classes joined the line until the entire school had walked the perimeter and waved to all the other students and all of us parents who had crowded around to watch. After everyone was done, the assistant principal said that if there were any younger siblings who had to come watch the parade and were dressed up, they could take a walk around the square and have their own parade. So cute! I'll admit, I got a little choked up when Scarlett started her walk. I remember having a Halloween parade every year when I was in elementary school and now I get to watch from the other side as one of the parents. It was bittersweet but so wonderful.

love & cupcakes, 

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