rock flowers diy

Hello there! Isabelle wanted to take a week off of her blogging, so I'm popping in to show you what craftiness we've been working on lately! 

Last week I had the girls collect some rocks on our walk home from school. They found some really cool ones and when we got home, they got to work painting them. 

Once the rock flowers we're totally dry [we gave them a few days to make sure they were completely dry] the girls painted the pots their rock "flowers" were going to go in. 

I love the color combinations they each chose. Even the plate of dried, used paint splotches looked so pretty! 

Once the pots were dry, I cut a piece of foam core to fit inside the top area of each pot and then we glued a crumpled up piece of brown felt to look like a mound of dirt in each pot. 

Once the glue was dry, the girls put their rock "flowers" on top and that's it! Rock flowers in a one of a kind pot. 

I even got in on the DIY action and made a pot for myself! I used different shades of green paint and created rock "cacti" nestled in a bed of sparkly rocks. I kind of love it - flaws and all! 

Hopefully we'll find time to do some more quick and easy DIYs to share with you soon... Stay tuned! 

love & cupcakes, 

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