new adventures...

My bestie moved away today. Like, her apartment is empty and her car is full and she's driving north until she hits Portland and begins her new life there. I'm going to miss her and her little family! I feel like I didn't take advantage to having her live only an hour or so away and visit more often. I'm totally bummed but super excited for her new adventure to start! 

And it must be new adventure time around here... Because Nick starts work on Monday! Yay!! We made it through the summer of stress and we're officially on the other side! Things can start returning to normal around here - our lease for the next year has been signed and I feel much more settled. We can start planning for the holidays and I feel like I can hang a picture up again if I want to. 

Life is better - and I'm fully anticipating a trip to Portland sometime soon! 

love & cupcakes, 

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