Happy Friday! Another week down and we're heading full force into fall... If only the weather would catch up with us - this heat is gross. Here's what I'm up to! 

Reading - I just finished Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye - it was pretty cute! I liked all the illustrations.  I just started Of Poseidon. So far, so good! 

Anticipating - We're having a besties day tomorrow! I'm so excited to see the girls and spend some time hanging out before Megan moves away and ditches us for Portland. Lucky bum. 

Listening To - I've been walking Scarlett to school each morning lately so on my walk back home, I'm able to listen to my playlists without having to fight wth the girls over whether or not we can listen to Kidz Bop or not. My playlist is pretty eclectic... 

Eating - I made a lemon loaf with a sugar glaze the other day and it was AMAZING! So lemony and sweet. I'm definitely going to have to make it again soon. 

Working On - I'm packing up some of our decorative, collectible dishes and stuff from our shelves. It's slow going, but it makes such a difference having a bit more space on our dining room shelves. Simplifying is good for me - even if it is super tough to do sometimes. 

Wishing - I'm still wishing for Nick to find the perfect job for him - even if that means moving to a completely new place and starting all over. Or if it means staying put and starting over. I'm going along for the ride. 

I hope your week has been awesome. Here's to the weekend! 

love & cupcakes, 

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