It's Fall! I'm sitting here in my apartment, full of coffee and a yummy bagel, listening to Spotify and enjoying the cool breeze blowing in from the front door - it's pretty awesome. Here's what I've been up to lately! 

Reading - I'm still slowly making my way through Of Neptune. I've been taking forever but I feel like next week I'll be able to catch up on my reading because... NICK IS GOING BACK TO WORK!! Like, he's leaving my apartment and going to work every day so I'll get my alone time back! Don't get me wrong - I adore spending time with him, but I'm not a huge fan of him working out of the living room and taking over my coffee table - as I'm sure you've noticed by now. But now that he'll be back at work during the week, I'll get my mommy mobile back and not have to drive the beater anymore! I get some alone time to listen to my questionable [but awesome] musical choices and I can do my housework without worrying that it'll just need to be done again in a few hours because Nick had lunch or whatever. I'm so happy! More reading time is on the horizon! 

Watching - We have HBO Now on our TV now and I've been catching up on Girls for the last week. I love to watch that show - it makes me appreciate that I grew up in the time I did and didn't have to deal with the drama these four girls deal with - at least not on the same scale. 

Anticipating - I'm super anticipating Nick's first day at work on Monday. I almost feel as excited as I did for Scarlett's first day of school! It's mostly a deep happiness that we have some security back in our lives and that Nick gets to get back to doing what he loves every day. It's a good thing. 

Listening To - Lately I've been listening to School Friends on Spotify. They have some new stuff coming out later in October, too. Check them out! 

Eating - I've been super blowing it with food and meal prep and groceries and all that stuff lately. I need to get back into it all and stop using white cheddar popcorn as a meal replacement. 

Working On - I'm working on getting the apartment settled again. I want to move some stuff around, update the photos on the walls and make it feel more homey and comfortable. It's an ongoing process. 

Wishing - Right now I'm wishing that the weather keeps on keeping on like it has... It's so gloriously breezy and cool and feeling like fall. I love it! 

How has your week been? Any awesome weekend plans? 

love & cupcakes, 


new adventures...

My bestie moved away today. Like, her apartment is empty and her car is full and she's driving north until she hits Portland and begins her new life there. I'm going to miss her and her little family! I feel like I didn't take advantage to having her live only an hour or so away and visit more often. I'm totally bummed but super excited for her new adventure to start! 

And it must be new adventure time around here... Because Nick starts work on Monday! Yay!! We made it through the summer of stress and we're officially on the other side! Things can start returning to normal around here - our lease for the next year has been signed and I feel much more settled. We can start planning for the holidays and I feel like I can hang a picture up again if I want to. 

Life is better - and I'm fully anticipating a trip to Portland sometime soon! 

love & cupcakes, 


welcome autumn!

It's finally over! Summer is gone and Fall is here! It's actually a bit chilly today and I'm over the moon. 

I can't wait for pumpkins and cold weather, soup and baking cupcakes and brownies. Coffee breaks and warm socks and cool breezes... I want to go to the beach and watch the clouds, light more candles and read more books. I want to take more walks, have more picnics and relax. I love this time of year. 

Do you have any fun things planned for Fall?

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett style...

It's time for another edition of Scarlett Style! She's been all over the place with her fashion choices this week. Luckily, she took amazing care of her forehead and only had to rock the bandages for a few days before she was pretty much completely healed. Yay! Here's what she's been working lately...

She got a new sequined Star Wars backpack for school and is loving it! And her choice to wear her yellow rain boots to school today was pretty much my favorite look for this week - with her "librarian glasses" coming in a close second. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next... 

love & cupcakes, 



We've made it to the end of another week. I'm feeling a bit melancholy today, so hopefully the weekend will be full of fun and happiness to help bring me out of this funk. Here's what I'm up to right now...

Reading - I'm making my way slowly through Of Poseidon. I haven't been making enough time for myself to just sit quietly and read, so that's definitely on my to do list for next week. 

Watching - I've been super bingeing on Private Practice. I only have a little over a season left. 

Anticipating - We're doing a cousin sleepover tonight and the girls are coming over. Scarlett loves it when her cousins are around for the entire night. I'm stocked up on pizza and pillows and hopefully we'll have a fun, drama-free night. 

Listening To - I just added a "classical for studying" station on Pandora for when the girls are home from school and doing their homework. Hopefully I'll get some usage out of it, too for quiet reading time. 

Eating - I've found myself leaning on Smartfood white cheddar popcorn again for lunch. While it's probably not the best option nutritionally, it tastes so yummy and is so easy... 

Working On - I've been cleaning up the kitchen and dining room a bit. It makes such a difference to have a clean dining room table - even if we never actually use it for eating. Now to tackle the other rooms in the apartment. 

Wishing - Nick is still working on finding a job. Things are looking up, but you know how much I need security and the ability to plan. It's tough to do that when everything is up in the air. You'd think that after so many months I would get used to living in the moment, but not so much. And I'm terrible at it. Hopefully all of that will change super soon. 

I hope your week has been amazing and that your weekend is even better. What have you been up to?

love & cupcakes,


scarlett style...

Scarlett had a tough day yesterday. On the way home from school, she took a pretty nasty fall and busted her forehead on the concrete. 

So stay tuned for some looks with her rocking the bandages next week. Here's what she wore before her little trauma...

Happy Wednesday! See you next week! 

love & cupcakes, 


the start of fall...

I know most people celebrate the beginning of the year in January, but for me, I feel like all of my fresh starts and new beginnings happen in the fall. 

This morning, while I was walking Scarlett to school, I couldn't help but notice how crisp the air felt, how billowy the clouds were that were rolling on over the hills, how many leaves were already changing colors, and how it all worked together to make my crazy, not-so-great Monday morning so much better. 

When I got home, I felt motivated in a way that I never seem to during the warmer months. I opened all the windows and doors and let the cool breeze blow through the apartment. I did laundry, cleaned up around the apartment a little, watered all of my plants and even unpacked/purged a box of random stuff that has been sitting in our storage unit on our balcony for almost an entire year. 

There's something about the crispness of the air that energizes me. It's like a jolt of caffeine to my soul. 

And I love it! Welcome Fall! 

love & cupcakes, 


on the horizon...


These past few months have been a real struggle for our little family. There have been multiple trips for Nick to visit different companies in different states and countless interviews. There have been late nights driving for Lyft and frustrating afternoons at home when there are too many people in our tiny apartment. There have been prayers and tears, wishes and plans, dwindling bank accounts and ticking clocks. 

But I think changes are on the horizon. Even if those changes end up feeling familiar and our day to day doesn't change very much, things will still be profoundly different. We'll be lighter, calmer, more focused and ready to tackle each day with enthusiasm and gratitude. 

Because sometimes things have to fall apart before better things can fall together. 

We're ready...

love & cupcakes, 



Happy Friday! Another week down and we're heading full force into fall... If only the weather would catch up with us - this heat is gross. Here's what I'm up to! 

Reading - I just finished Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye - it was pretty cute! I liked all the illustrations.  I just started Of Poseidon. So far, so good! 

Anticipating - We're having a besties day tomorrow! I'm so excited to see the girls and spend some time hanging out before Megan moves away and ditches us for Portland. Lucky bum. 

Listening To - I've been walking Scarlett to school each morning lately so on my walk back home, I'm able to listen to my playlists without having to fight wth the girls over whether or not we can listen to Kidz Bop or not. My playlist is pretty eclectic... 

Eating - I made a lemon loaf with a sugar glaze the other day and it was AMAZING! So lemony and sweet. I'm definitely going to have to make it again soon. 

Working On - I'm packing up some of our decorative, collectible dishes and stuff from our shelves. It's slow going, but it makes such a difference having a bit more space on our dining room shelves. Simplifying is good for me - even if it is super tough to do sometimes. 

Wishing - I'm still wishing for Nick to find the perfect job for him - even if that means moving to a completely new place and starting all over. Or if it means staying put and starting over. I'm going along for the ride. 

I hope your week has been awesome. Here's to the weekend! 

love & cupcakes, 


isabelle-tastic thursday!

So for this piece of writing, I will be talking about this DIY project I did with my sister and cousin.
We did a can for storage that looks like this:

What we did was we emptied a bucket of coffee beans and used the bucket,
then we colored on paper and then we put stickers and then we taped it around the bucket then, voila!!!

Have an Isabelle-tastic day!