we have a kindergartner!

Scarlett started school last week and she's loving it. She wanted big mermaid hair for the first day and the brightest pink sneakers we could find. She got a new backpack and lunchbox with a matching pencil case. 

She got to school and started to get a bit nervous and worried about her first day of school and then she started to run into her friends from the apartment complex we live in - and she brightened right up! She even ended up with a friend from home in her class! 

The first week is all minimum days so Scarlett hasn't had lunch at school yet but starting Thursday, it's the regular full day schedule from then on. I'm excited to pack lunch for her each day! 

When it was time to pick Scarlett up from her very first day of school, Isabelle and Kaiden wanted to greet her with a big welcome back sign to celebrate... So sweet! 

The "Scarlett Style" posts each week may take a creative hit since she has to wear a uniform to school each day, but I'm sure she'll try to keep up her special style as best she can. 

love & cupcakes,

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