the new normal...

Right now it's 7:58pm. Scarlett and I are settled on the couch; she's freshly bathed and smelling like cinnamon buns, all ready for sleep. I'm tired, have a headache and am in serious need of a shower. 

This is our new normal.

Scarlett is now a full-time Kindergartner and I really underestimated how that change would affect our day to day lives. I'm ready for bed - like NOW - and my body has already acclimated to having to wake up at 6:30am each morning, even on weekends when I have a little extra time to sleep. We wake up in the morning and gone are the glorious lazy mornings where I had plenty of time to get myself dressed and ready for the day while still enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee and a warm toasted bagel. Now, I'm lucky if I even have time to make some coffee and it will be cold for sure by the time I actually get around to drinking it. Scarlett is getting good at eating her breakfast in the car or even just waiting until her first recess to have a "morning snack" instead. 

We're still settling in to our new routine.  We could definitely use a bit more organization in the morning and better time management, but we're figuring it out. I finally asked the front office at Scarlett's school to explain to me how the hot lunch option works and it's super easy. Scarlett is looking forward to her very first hot lunch at school tomorrow! I'm excited to hear how she likes it! 

I think this new chapter in our lives is going to work out just fine. As soon as we get the kinks figured out - probably by the time she starts junior high, right?? 

love & cupcakes, 

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