Isabelle-tastic Thursday!

Today I will be talking about how the girls and I went to Great America. 
At Great America we went on a ton of rides. For this piece of writing, I will be talking about what we did and how some of the rides we went on work.
First, we went on a ride called the Celebration Swings, then we went on the Berserker. The Berserker is basically a car mini rollercoaster. Then, we went on the Tiki Twirl. The Tiki Twirl is a thing where you sit on a seat and they strap you in, then you go up and down a w-like rollercoaster while spinning very slowly.
Last, we got churros and went on The Grizzly rollercoaster. 
I hope you liked this piece of writing...........SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!

Have an Isabelle-tastic day! 

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