scarlett style...

Happy Wednesday! We're already halfway through the week and I couldn't be happier. I feel like this week has been super long and tough already - come on long weekend! Here's what Scarlett has been rocking this week...

I love those pink cowgirl hats! So cute! 

love & cupcakes, 


we went to the circus!

We went to the circus last week and it's honestly one of our favorite nights of the year. Scarlett has such an awesome time - and so do we! She loves that before the show, the kids are invited up to the stage and they get to learn about the circus! This year they learned to balance tall feathers on the palm of their hand - and Scarlett got a secret tip from the ringmaster: put the very tip of the feather in between your fingers so it looks like you're balancing it but you're really holding it.  She was so proud of herself! 

We had such a great time. Scarlett developed a bit of a crush on the clown. He waved to her at the very end and she got all swoony and shy. So cute! And I even got to wear my super sparkly circus makeup! I love it! We can't wait for next year.

love & cupcakes, 



Happy Friday!! I'm so happy the weekend is upon us - I feel like I need some downtime! Lazy Sunday - you're calling my name! Here's what I'm up to lately...

Reading - I only have a few pages left in Winter and I'm sad to see the series end! At least I still have Stars Above to read next and I managed to snag a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from the library so I have some binge reading to do! 

Watching - I'm literally watching Gods of Egypt as I type this and I have a stack of DVDs from the library that I need to get through before I have to return them. Looks like today is a movie binge day! 

Anticipating - I'm looking forward to Sunday - I really want to have a relaxing family day, especially since Nick is headed to Maryland on Monday for a job interview. We need some family time! 

Listening To - There is a new Two Tongues album coming soon! I'm so happy... 

Working On - I'm still slowly going through stuff and trying to downsize little by little. It's slow going, but I'm making progress. 

Wishing - I'm still wishing for Nick to find the perfect job - and soon! Our time to renew our lease at our current apartment is coming up very soon and although I've really been wanting to leave and move somewhere new, lately I've been wanting to stay put. Scarlett really likes her school and I could settle in for another year here. We'll see what happens. 

I hope your week has been awesome. What are you up to lately?

love & cupcakes, 


isabelle-tastic thursday!

For today's piece of writing, I will be talking about going back to school. 

Back to school may not seem fun to some kids, but it is fun for me. My favorite parts are when we start all over, get new supplies and a bunch of other stuff. 

Thanks for reading my fourth piece of writing.

Have an Isabelle-tastic Thursday! 


scarlett style...

So much blue lately... Poor Scarlett is getting so used to her uniform, she's even thinking about wearing it for her first "free dress" day at school on Friday. Although, it might be the most stylish thing she does, as she'd be the ONLY kid at school wearing the uniform that day. Maybe she's on to something... 

Happy Wednesday! 

love & cupcakes,