TV Living - Reading Rainbow

Was anyone else completely hooked on Reading Rainbow as a kid? I mean, I still love it and I'm all grown up now. It was such a rad idea - bringing books to kids via television. The best of both worlds, right? Here's what I'm thinking it would be like to live in a world made more colorful by Reading Rainbow...

These shelves are an absolute MUST for a Reading Rainbow world... They can hold so many books! 

And don't forget to color code your many books! 

Some colorful wall decor is always a good idea...

Or you could always DIY a pretty banner

White walls are always a great choice when choosing to add a bunch of color elsewhere, but if you're feeling extra brave, this wallpaper is an amazing option! 

A cozy little reading nook is definitely a must, with a colorful seat...

a squishy pillow...

some adorable wall art...

and some super special books on a super special DIY shelf

Actual rainbows are required. Even if you have to make them yourself. 

I'm pretty sure I could live happily in a Reading Rainbow world. How about you?

love & cupcakes, 

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