TV Living - Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms was one of my favorite shows growing up - and I'm super excited that Scarlett has discovered it and loves it, too! She mostly loves the hair and makeup from the show, but who can blame her, right? They're amazing!! Here's what I imagine living in a Jem world would look like...

This pink couch is amazing! And it would totally work with Jem's bright pink fashion sense. 

Palm trees are undeniably 80's to me and the addition of lights and bubbles in the trunk of this one only makes the 80's vibe that much stronger. 

Neon signs are so rad! 

I'm pretty sure I need one of these pink filing cabinets in my life - ASAP! So cute! 

A keytar pillow! YES!!

So, they may not be special earrings that can call on an amazing computer for help, but these holographic wall decals are super cute. 

And we can't forget the Misfits! This skull vase would be perfect for their dressing room. Or my bookcase. Either one works. 

Happy watching! See you next week! 

love & cupcakes,

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