TV Living - Bill Nye the Science Guy

Welcome to another "episode" of TV Living! This week we're imagining what it would look like to live in a Bill Nye world. I'm thinking lots of industrial decor, science lab inspired dishes and accessories and lots of cheekiness.

This pendant light is awesome and would look so good over both a lab table and a dining room table. 

Bill Nye taught us to look outside of the box and using something unexpected [like this industrial stool used as a nightstand] would be right up his alley! 

This dining room table has plenty of room for rousing scientific discussions - or dinner! 

Be sure to keep lots of paper nearby for jotting down new discoveries! 

Or you could just use the entire wall to document your findings! 

Metal pipes are certainly strong enough to hold all the text books and scientific journals you'd need. 

And of course, an amazing lamp like this microscope one would be necessary for all of the reading you'd do! 

We can't forget the kitchen! This spice set would be the perfect addition to a Bill Nye home. 

As would this super cute caffeine molecule wall hanging! I need one of these for my own house! 

This periodic table of elements wall hanging is tres chic - and not just because it's in French! 

This nightlight will certainly "spark" your imagination...

And of course, some words to live by...

I'm totally digging this Bill Nye inspired place... What about you?

love & cupcakes,

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