Woo hoo!! It's Friday!! We had Vacation Bible School for the girls this week so it's been a bit more crazy than usual. But we made it through! Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm still reading Cress. I'm taking forever because finding a quiet moment or two to read is nearly impossible around here but hopefully after this weekend I'll be able to carve out some "me" time. 

Watching - I started watching Prison Break again after a few years off. We watched the first season and five episodes of the second season and then never finished. I started back at the beginning and even though I remember some of what's going on, it's still totally interesting and entertaining the second time around. 

Anticipating - My sister has next week off of work so that means I don't have to watch my nieces. I don't even know what I'm going to do with myself. I'm pretty sure I'll still end up hanging out with them even if I'm not having to watch them all day. Scarlett can barely go two days without seeing her cousins. 

Listening To - I found this playlist on Spotify that is really great for having on in the background while I'm doing chores or blogging or relaxing. It's a bunch of covers so it's familiar but still a bit different. 

Eating - My sister just gave us a bunch of cereal so it looks like we might be having cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a while... 

Working On - I finally found a little bit of time to clean up the living room/kitchen/dining room area of the apartment. The vacuum even made a rare appearance! Now I'm feeling like I need to purge again and get rid of some stuff. No matter how much I get rid of, it always seems like we end up with a bunch more really soon. 

Wishing - Dear Lord, I'm wishing for Nick to find an amazing job really, really, REALLY soon. I'm going crazy over here. 

I hope you have something fun planned for this weekend! We're going to a wine pick up party at the winery we belong to. And maybe I can talk Nick into some beach time while we're out there - I need some ocean in my life! 

love & cupcakes, 

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