life is a rollercoaster...

Our lives have been thrown for a loop lately. Nick is on the job hunt again and to say that I'm anxious about the meantime would be quite the understatement. But we're making our way through for now and to help pass the time, Scarlett and I have been taking advantage of our season passes for Great America. It's only a few miles down the freeway from our apartment, so we can just go for a few hours in the morning and still get everything we need done during the afternoon. Plus Scarlett loves it there! 

We spent most of our time at the park enjoying the water play area. Scarlett was completely soaked by the time she was done playing.  We met a few characters, took a ton of pictures and even got to dance on stage during one of the shows! We only stayed for a couple of hours, but we had a blast. We'll probably go back again this week! Stay tuned for more amusement park adventures to come!

love & cupcakes, 

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