Happy Friday! We made it through another whole week - and what a week it was, right?! I started watching my nieces full time this week and have spent most of my time running around after three very energetic girls. I need a nap. Here's what else has been going on...

Reading - I finished Cinder last night and I was able to check out What Alice Forgot from the library again, so now I'm a bit over halfway through it. I'm back in full on reading mode! 

Watching - I've been bingeing Supernatural lately. I had to skip the episode about the bugs though[too many creepy crawlies!]. Do any of you watch it?

Anticipating - It was so nice to be able to sleep in a bit this morning that I'm already anticipating next week! 

Listening To - I haven't found myself in the car [where I listen to music most often] very much this past week, so I haven't really been listening to much at all. 

Eating - There is a little candy shop in Great America where we stop on our way out of the park each time we visit. They sell these super yummy sour strawberry gummy bricks and I LOVE THEM! I've been munching on them nonstop lately and my poor teeth are starting to feel sad because of all the sugar. But they're just so rad! Ugh... Being a responsible grown up can be tough, right?? 

Working On - Lately I've been working on sitting on my hands and trying to be patient while Nick is job hunting. I don't want to unpack any more of the random boxes we have in storage because if we don't end up renewing our lease, we only have a few months left here and unpacking anything else wouldn't make much sense. Of course, we don't actually know what our plans will be, so it may very well be the case that we stay put. So, sitting on my hands and trying to keep my mind off of the unknown has been my plan lately. So far, so good. Well, so kinda good, I guess. 

Wishing - Obviously I'm spending most of my time wishing for some sort of concrete plan for the next year [or more] of our lives. The sooner, the better. I'm getting all nest-y feeling and I want to be domestic, but not if that means just re-packing everything and starting all over again in the middle of my domestic bliss, you know? We'll see what happens... 

I hope your week has been rad and that your weekend is amazing! We're spending a lot of our weekend out of our apartment and I'm hoping we don't melt from the heat... Fingers crossed for cool breezes and no traffic wherever we go! Happy Friday!

love & cupcakes,

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