Well, it's Friday again. We made it through another week! Yay! What have you been up to lately? Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm still reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I'm really enjoying it. 

Watching - I've been catching up on Chelsea on Netflix. It's so awesome! 

Anticipating - Next week I start watching my nieces all day every day. I'm already planning on a bunch of epic amusement/water park days and some structured reading/quiet time each afternoon. My goal is to tire them out every day so the evening will be calm and relaxing. Fingers crossed! 

Listening To - Scarlett has discovered Justin Timberlake and has been asking for this song in the car all the time - 

We dance around like maniacs every time it comes on. 

Eating - I'm completely obsessed with vanilla yogurt and dark chocolate strawberry granola. So freaking amazing! I could seriously eat it for every meal everyday. Yum! 

Working On - I'm working on clearing off some shelves in the dining room and relocating the books/collectibles to my bedroom. I'd like to have the dining room shelves looks more streamlined and functional. Basically, I just have way too many things. It's something I've been working on for years and it just never seems to be much different but I'm going to keep on going. 

Wishing - I'm wishing [and hoping and praying and asking] for Nick to find a new amazing job really, really soon. This week was E3 so it's been a tough week for job hunting - once everyone gets home next week, I'm hoping Nick's phone will be ringing off the hook with awesome job offers! Please please PLEASE!!! 

Happy weekend! See you next week!

love & cupcakes, 

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