I bought some Jenga style blocks a while ago and the boring plain wood finish was needing to be spruced up a bit. So I finally found a free afternoon and brushed off my stash of paint to get a bit crafty...

It's super simple to jazz up your own set of Jenga blocks. Grab the blocks, choose a paint color and go to town painting the ends however you'd like! I stuck to a mostly pastel color scheme and since I had three leftover blocks, I chose a glitter paint for those ones. Two coats of paint on each end did the trick. 

FYI - the paint can leave a bit of a lip on the very edge of the blocks which can effect your ability to pull the blocks out smoothly so make sure when you're playing you either play with someone who isn't super competitive, or maybe just use a bit of sandpaper to rub off the uneven edges after painting. 

Happy playing! 

love & cupcakes,

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