It's Friday! We've made it through another week! Here's what I've been up to...

Reading - I'm making my way through the Goddess Girls series. I'm on the ninth one so far. 

Watching - Kitchen Crashers and Africa from the BBC are on rotation currently. 

Anticipating - Mothers Day weekend! It's happening now! 

Listening To - Scarlett is obsessed with Problem by Natalia Kills and Worth It by Fifth Harmony. They're on repeat in the car constantly. 

Eating - I've become addicted to BottleCaps again. They're just so yummy! And horrible for my teeth, so I should probably make myself stop for a awhile. Blargh. 

Working On - I finally started coloring in one of my adult coloring books. It's just super hard for me to commit to actually coloring it when I have no guarantee that I'm not going to mess up. But I'm working through my anxiety and coloring super slowly. My hand forgot how to hold a pen! Baby steps...

Wishing- I wish this rain would stick around! It's been raining a bit and I love it so freaking much. 

I hope your weekend is going amazingly and that your week is just as rad. What have you been up to?

love & cupcakes, 

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