Hi there! I'm hoping to spend a bit more time posting here. I've been away for too long and I want to come back. Here's what I've been up to lately...

Reading - I've been going through library books like crazy lately. Right now I'm finishing up Medusa the Mean. I like this series - they're all a quick, fun read. Next up, I'm tackling The Interestings. I started reading it last year but never finished, so i'm giving it another try. 

Watching - I'm watching The Messengers on Netflix right now. I'm almost to the end. So far, so good. 

Anticipating - I'm heading to Six Flags with Scarlett today to celebrate her last day of preschool yesterday. We're probably going to end up riding Cobra all day long - it's her favorite! 

Listening To - I've been catching up on back episodes of the Planet Money podcasts whenever I get a chance. I'm going to check out Embedded soon, too. 

Eating - I've been obsessed with sriracha chicken and waffles lately. So freaking yummy!!

Working On - We need to do another purge around here. We've accumulated too many things again and our little apartment is starting to feel a bit crowded. 

Wishing - I've been feeling a bit crazy and rushed lately. I'm hoping for a lull in my day to day so I can just relax and unwind. Maybe a beach day is in my near future??

I hope your week has been amazing! What are you up to??

love & cupcakes, 

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