hello strangers!

Well, I've been off the grid for quite a while, huh? And in all honesty, I'll probably still be missing in action for a little while longer. Our internet is off at home for the moment and I'm actually not minding it so much. We've watched a lot of DVDs that we've always meant to but never quite got around to and it's been pretty nice spending quality couch time together. Plus since I can't so easily just binge watch Netflix all morning while Scarlett is at school, I've been more motivated to go to the gym and now I'm up to running over two miles on the treadmill without stopping [or dying]! It's amazing! 

We've been super busy lately with birthday celebrations [both mine and Nick's], school, hanging with the family and trying to keep the apartment clean. But eventually we'll turn our internet back on and life may or may not go back to "usual" - we'll see. Although I'm pretty sure I'm getting hooked on running, so that might stick around for a while.  Stay tuned for a ton of posts once I'm back - there are a ton of Scarlett Style posts just waiting to go up. 

How have you all been while I've been gone?

love & cupcakes,

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Jamie said...

Best post ever!!! Yay running!!