Happy Friday! Another week in the bag. This weekend os the Superbowl and it's happening right down the road from our apartment so we're totally going to hibernate and stay off the roads this weekend as much as possible. Are you going to watch the game? 

Reading - I'm still working on I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster and I love it more and more with every page I read. I also checked out In The Unlikely Event by July Blume from the library [my  book club book is still on hold so I can't get started on that one yet]. 

Watching - I just started Making a Murderer on Netflix [I'm only one episode in so far] and I just added a bunch of random movies to my queue. Now if I could only find some uninterrupted time to watch! 

Anticipating - We have a mini road trip this weekend to visit family a few hours north of here so I'm looking forward to some good car time with Nick and Scarlett. 

Listening To - I've been catching up on my Planet Money podcasts lately. They're good to listen to while I'm washing dishes and folding laundry. 

Eating - All of the Valentine chocolate at the store is really starting to get to me. I need it!! 

Working On - I really want to start organizing my bookshelves but I know it's not the kind of project that I can start and only do halfway. It's an all or nothing situation so I need to bock off some serious time to get to work. 

Wishing - The weather has been really spring-like around here lately and I'm wishing that winter would come back for a while! I need more rain and cold... 

What are you up to lately? Anything new and amazing happening in your world?

love & cupcakes, 

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