the annual "goals" post! [2016 edition]

Here we are yet again. The annual "goals" post for 2016. To recap, here are my goals from last year:


* Read 30 books
* Walk 2,015 miles
* Watch 15 movies
* Get better sleep
* Have weekly date nights
* Meal plan each week and add a new recipe weekly
* Lose ten pounds by June and another ten by December
* Create a budget and stick to it
* Work on Christmas and birthday gifts all year so we're done by Thanksgiving
* Get the house "company ready" and maintain it
* Send more snail mail

So, books read in 2015? My total for this year was 17 out of a goal of 30. Not terrible, but with all of the moving we've done this year, I feel like a goal of 30 was a bit lofty. For 2016, I'm setting my goal at 20 books instead. We're rebooting book club this year, too, so hopefully that will give me better motivation to keep on reading. 

Walking 2,015 miles? Honestly, I haven't done all the math on that yet [it feels like it's going to be exhausting doing all of that addition] but I don't think I came very close. Just a quick look at my FitBit dashboard says that I've gone 1,246.55 miles, so that's definitely admirable. But for 2016, I really want to step it up. I'm still going to strive for 2,016 miles this year - and even if I fall short, I'll still be doing well. 

Did I watch 15 movies in 2015? Well, yeah... I actually ended up watching a whopping 64 movies this year. I'm kind of embarrassed about it! That's a lot of movies! It's so many, in fact, that I don't even think I need to set a movie watching goal for 2016. I think I figured out how to take an hour or two to decompress, right??

Get better sleep. Yeah, right. Sleep and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship. I seem to get "enough" of it, but I tend to wake up a lot each night, so it's not always "quality" sleep.  It's still a goal for 2016. 

Nick and I did not make weekly date nights a real priority this last year and we're feeling the pinch of it this year. We let the routine [and chaos] of daily life get in the way of our time together and we really need to reprioritize this year to make sure we keep our date nights as an important part of our life. It's definitely staying on the list for 2016. 

Our meal planning didn't really go as planned [by planned I mean regularly scheduled] but we ate dinner almost every night and didn't have any big issues. I'd still like to try some new recipes as we've discovered that some of our old standbys just aren't cutting it anymore. Rest in peace ramen stir fry and mashed potato bowls. See you on the other side. 

Well, well, well. Looks like we've come to the weight loss portion of my goals list. Long story short, no, I didn't "lose ten pounds by June/lose another ten pounds by December" - although I did repeatedly lose ten here and there [and then gained it back over and over]. This year, instead of putting a number on my goal like I did before, I'm just going to try to get in the habit of moving around more and trying to be active each and every day in some way. Maybe going for a walk/jog, maybe going for a bike ride, maybe even just really getting into cleaning the house and working up a good sweat while doing it. It all adds up. 

Oh, budget. The bane of my existence. No budget was created. No budget was stuck to. I'm terrible at budgets and money stuff. I can figure it all out in theory, but in practice - I'm the worst. Give me a rule and I want to break it. But I want to work on it this year. So it stays on the list - although I'm going to change it to just "being smarter with my money."

Christmas and birthday gifts were kind of an adventure this year. I totally didn't do everything as early as I wanted to, but I also wasn't stress shopping at the last minute either. This year, I'd like to keep trying to be ready early, but I don't think it needs to be a "goal" for the year. 

So, do I have a "company ready" apartment now? Not all the time, but I also know that it only takes me a little while to get it ready for people to come over, so I think I've done a good job of keeping on top of this goal. Plus, having a smaller living space and purging a lot of things really helps in terms of keeping a cleaner home. 

Poor snail mail. I sent hardly any this last year. I'd like to send more in 2016 but I'm not going to be too tough on myself. I think just making sure that birthday cards get sent out will be enough for this year. Speaking of, I only have a few days until my first family member birthday of the year so I'd better get a card ready quickly! 

So, my goals for 2016 are as follows:

* Read 20 books
* Walk 2,016 miles
* Seriously get better sleep
* Date night, date night, DATE NIGHT!!
* Try new recipes
* Move every day
* Be smarter with my money
* Keep purging and simplifying our home
* Send more birthday cards!

Do you have any goals for this year? 

love & cupcakes, 


Jamie said...

My goals are to be more zen, and also get to my fitness and weight goals this year. This will be the year of a healthier me!

Elissa Newman Huggett said...

Yes! I'm right there with you!